Team Roster

Here is where you can find all player and parent contact information. Feel free to contact each other for coordinating rides etc... Please note that this site is password protected for privacy and security.

We will need all players to attend as many trainings as possible to get in condition, learn the system of play, skill development and team play. If you child cannot attend a training or a game, please contact me ASAP so that I can alter training plans and or make adjustments to game tactics. 

Players Jersey # Grade Phone Contact Email Contact Parent
Samantha Bailey 28 6th 510-701-1825 Kathleen Angkustsiri
Cambria Dera 6th 916-296-7401 Cori Dera
Lilyana Ortega 15 8th 510-693-0824 Maya Alanis
Ivana Elias'Berg 9 6th 916-248-3602 Vera Lastnauf
Amyrah Martarelli 16 8th 916-690-5102 James Matarelli
Kaaria Griffin 1 8th 916-216-7391 Nzinga Griffin
Emily Delany 7 7th 916-826-7010 Dan Delaney
Annabelle Rose 6th 916-716-4704 David Rose
Grace Quayle 6th 323-702-7677 Kristen Quayle
Areya Montoya 6th 916-904-2948 Monique Lujan
Matisse Roberts 6th 916-806-4946 Joanna Chavez
Gianna Carrillo 10 5th 916-833-6366 Diana Maffei
Solei Jenkins 11 7th 916-217-9007 Mylsia Jenkins
Tirzah Vasquez 7th 916-267-5011 Daniel Vasquez
Audrey King 12 6th 916-233-9171 Jeremy King
Hope Dawson 7th 916-539-9518 Hetty Dawson
Malia Brady 6th 916-541-7113 Renee Brady
Aubrey Okino 6th 916-505-1743 Pamela Okino